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zipBoard issue tracking tool
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Track issues, feature requests and progress of your web development project using zipBoard. Whether you are a small team , or large, it is easy to stay up-to-date with the outstanding issues in your web project using zipBoard.

visual Feedback bug tracker


Designer, developer, Project manager, product manager, clients, all share feedback on your working web project. Easy to use, all stakeholders can directly create issues by taking screenshots directly from their browser.

collaborate and share feedback on your working website

Assign tasks

Manage and assign tasks , set priorities directly while reviewing webpages. We have made it very easy to test and track bugs during the web development process. No complicated configuration, assign, resolve and stay on top of your agile process.

Manage and assign tasks to collaborators.

Responsive Design Testing

  • Test how responsive is your website or e-learning course
  • Quickly browse your website on different resolutions and devices
  • Take screenshot to share feedback for a specific resolution
  • File bugs for specific resolution right from your browser, your own computer
responsive test feature allows you to view your websites/SCORM courses in different screen resolutions.

What our customers think...

Andy Petroski

" Can visually note changes to the eLearning project, but still have a spreadsheet view. Can track issue status, assignments, and have a history of issues project wide. "

Andy Petroski, Harrisburg University
Erich Renken

" Zipboard has made it a lot easier for our reviewers to make notes about proposed changes and for developers and project managers to track the completion of those changes. "

Erich Renken, United Educators
Helen Maffin

" Ability to use the course as normal and screengrab when you see something of interest rather than just looking at screenshots. "

Helen Maffin, University of Cambridge
Christina Hogan

" An easy way to give detailed feedback on eLearning. "

Christina Hogan, Lorensbergs

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