JIRA Integration :

JIRA is popular software development tool used by agile teams. Integrating your zipBoard project with a JIRA project automatically adds and updates all the issues created in zipBoard to the mapped JIRA project.Thus you need not change the workflow you are already following. zipBoard just makes the process easier by making the feedback visual rather than lines of text.

How to integrate :

To integrate JIRA with zipBoard you need to be a Project Owner in zipBoard and an Administrator in JIRA. Please follow these instructions to ensure that the integration is proper :

  1. Go to Project settings and click on JIRA icon.
    zipBoard project settings can be accessed using the settings option
    zipBoard project can be integrated with JIRA project
  2. Add the JIRA URL, Username, and Password and hit connect button. enter your JIRA credentials to integrate JIRA project with zipBoard project
  3. List of all the projects associated with this JIRA account will load. Now, choose the JIRA Project to which the issues created in zipBoard will correspond to. select JIRA project to which bug tracked in zipBoard will correspond to
  4. Then Map how you want Bugs and Enhancements in zipBoard to show up in JIRA. select how you want the bugs to appear in zipBoard
  5. Enable the integration by clicking on save button.

Once you hit save, all issues now created in zipBoard by any of the collaborator will automatically get added to the corresponding JIRA project. And the link of the created JIRA issue will show up in the zipBoard task as well.

Default zipBoard- JIRA Mapping :

  • zipBoard's default statuses and JIRA's statuses are mapped to each other as : comparison of project status in zipBoard with that in JIRA
  • zipBoard's default Priorities and JIRA's Priorities are mapped to each other as : comparison of project priority in zipBoard with that in JIRA

How to remove Integration :

Removing JIRA integration with zipBoard is just a click away.

  • You can unlink individual tasks by clicking on the delete icon available alongside JIRA issue ID. zipBoard allows you to unlinkthe tasks by clicking the delete option
  • If you want that the whole project should be unlinked from JIRA; this can be done by clicking on the delete icon available under JIRA integration in project settings zipBoard allows you to unlink the whole project using the delete option under JIRA integration

How to view the associated JIRA issues directly:

With zipBoard it’s really easy to switch between JIRA issues and zipBoard Tasks.

  • While you are working with zipBoard Task’s just click on the JIRA issue link listed there to navigate to the corresponding JIRA issue.
  • Conversely, while working on JIRA ; to view the details of the linked zipBoard task just click on the zipBoard task URL provided with the description.
  • You can also access the linked JIRA project from the zipBoard project settings tab. zipBoard allows you to access linked JIRA project

How to edit JIRA integration settings:

Simply click on the edit JIRA icon under project settings, edit the fields as required. Don’t forget to hit save to ensure that all your changes have been incorporated. zipBoard allows you to unlink whole project using the delete option under JIRA integration option

Unable to authenticate error :

This error message is caused due to incorrect JIRA credentials.In such a case make sure that :

  1. You have entered the correct JIRA URL,username and password.
  2. The JIRA credentials used correspond to a JIRA Admin account.
  3. The JIRA username field has actual JIRA username not the JIRA email address.

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